Welcome to Downtown Sainte Genevieve – Where history meets today!

Sainte Genevieve was founded in 1735 as a fur trading and river community. Access to the river made commerce and trade more accessible. Much of Historic Ste. Genevieve’s charm and ambiance is due to the remarkable preservation of the original colonial settlement, and is the only surviving French Colonial Village in the United States.

Throughout the historic downtown district visitors and locals will find an array of paintings, sculpture and architecture that portray the town’s rich legacy as well as the greatest concentration of original French Colonial buildings in North America. Some of the preserved homes are used for business, while others are private residences and a handful are open to the public for tours and other events.

Continuing in our founding heritage, Saint Genevieve is home to more than 80 businesses from boutiques and home décor to bed & breakfasts and amazing eateries. Ste. Geneviève remains a flourishing area for artisans of all types. Shop for mementos of your trip, take home a one-of-a-kind piece of art, jewelry, primitives or upcycled creations or hunt for vintage items such as collectibles, furniture, dishware, linens, toys, jewelry, musical instruments or clothing. Sainte Genevieve has all you need to indulge and enjoy our vibrant heritage.

If an escape from the city has led you to Sainte Genevieve, you’re in luck. Sainte Genevieve has a wide variety of nearby local wineries for locals and visitors to enjoy, as well as state parks which to hike, bike, or explore. Regardless of what you choose, your weekend can easily be filled with decadent food, great conversation, and relaxation. Be sure to check out our  community calendar if you are undecided on what to do, there is a wide array of town activities always going on in our town. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events!




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